Public Bike Parking Solutions

For clients with public spaces, businesses, and institutions. We work with you to ensure your public bicycle parking needs are solved. Begin by adding styles that interest you to a customized quote. One of our customer service representatives will reach out to you with logistic details.


Select a Style

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Fully Customizable to Fit Your Space

With our Peak Racks Public bike racks, you’ll get the layout and configuration that fits your space and the bikes that park there. Bikes on one side or both. Straight or angled racks. Long narrow rows or compact blocks of bikes. Because when your bikes fit right, your space works right.

Vertical Stagger

Eliminate frustrating handlebar tangles and fit more bikes in less space. Alternating the height of our wheel slots makes it easier to get bikes in and out comfortably and maximizes the space in your parking area.

Easy to Install

Peak Racks Public racks are self-standing, surface mount racks. They can stand alone or be bolted down with standard easy to install fasteners, or special tamper-proof fasteners. You can easily add racks or reconfigure your bicycle parking areas at any time.

We don't just like bikes. We like people. We like our country. We like our earth. We like hard work, big smiles, and making our customers happy.​

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