Introducing the DIY home bike rack that fits your space, bikes, and budget!

Peak Racks BYO
Build Your Own Bike Rack

Peak Racks is proud to offer Peak Racks BYO, the perfect DIY bike rack solution for keeping your bikes tidy, upright and accessible. Assemble yours quickly and easily. Extend your rack as your stable grows, or separate your racks to create space for other gear between them.

$39.95 per slot

Make your own single sided, double sided or angled bike rack. Change it or add to it whenever you’d like. Optional accessories sold separately.

Have fun designing and building your perfect bike parking solution with unlimited configuration options. We provide the components and instructions, you add a little lumber, a little time, and some great ideas.

(2) 2" x 4" Wood Boards—Measured, Cut, & Painted According to YOUR Design. Need a plan?

From a simple, bare bones, quickie assembly to a customized art installation, you’ll create what’s right for you, your space, and your trusty ride.

Pick Your Slot Size

We call each patent pending diamond wheel holder a “slot.” You need one slot per bike. You can choose from 3 sizes. When in doubt, pick a size up! Wider slots will still securely hold narrow tires without fault. All slots are unpainted stainless steel. 5/32 drill bit, lag screws and washers included with order.

Narrow Slot

23″ X 24″  •  3 lbs
Great for road bikes and hybrids. Accepts tires up to 35 mm (or 1.3 inches)

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Medium Slot

23″ X 26″  •  3.2 lbs
Great for gravel or mountain bikes. Accepts tires up to 60 mm (or 2.3 inches)

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Wide Slot

24" X 27"  •  3.22 lbs
Great for wider tires. Accepts tires up to 3.1 inches (or 80 mm).

Road tires may work in this slot, BUT it is best suited for tires greater than 2 inches wide.

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Optional Accessories


1.3 lbs

10" Riser

Take advantage of our patented tangle-free handlebar system by adding a riser set to every other slot. A riser elevates a slot, allowing you to put it and avoid handlebar conflicts. Add a riser to every other slot, starting with the second slot. All risers are unpainted stainless steel. Includes hardware.

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1.75 lbs

Locking Bar

While these racks are intended for indoor use, there still might be occasions when you’d like to use a lock. Each locking bar has two links attached to its center loop. You only need one locking bar for every two bikes. Locking bars are unpainted stainless steel.

2.5″ x 20″  • Each Locking Bar is 10″ Long
(Tools Required:  3/4″ Spade Bit  •  5/6″ Drill Bit )

Loading component ...

Tools Required for this Locking Bar

You might already have these. If not, add them to your cart so you’re ready to rock your rack as soon as your build kit arrives.

5/16" Drill Bit

Loading component ...

3/4" Spade Bit

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Made in America

The only thing “off shore” about our manufacturing location is the breeze. Peak Racks are designed and built on California’s Central Coast, using quality recycled domestic steel and premium powder coats for long-lasting quality. That lets us make sure every rack meets our quality standards and its production supports our community.

Environmentally Kind

We are conscious of our carbon footprint. We do things like reduce fuel use with bulk shipping of commercial products and bike to work every day. We use 95% recycled domestic steel, and recycle all scrap metal. Our racks conserve valuable resources by lasting a really, really, long time. Buy them once, use them for generations.

Stellar Customer Service

At Peak Racks, we like to ride bikes. We want people to ride, and we want every aspect of riding to be as pleasurable as possible. We encourage and support cycling by building the very best bike parking racks available. We stand behind them with stellar customer service, innovative design, and conscientious floorplan layout.

Reviews from Our Happy Customers

UCSB Associated Students B.I.K.E.S.
Santa Barbara, CA
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“Over spring break 2009, half of the old racks in the Campbell Hall bike parking lot were replaced with new Peak Racks. The rest of the old racks were over summer 2009. Peak Racks, which are manufactured locally in San Luis Obispo, allow for higher density bike parking than traditional bike racks. The complete rack retrofit increased the lot’s parking capacity.”
Chris Carbonneau
Marana, AZ
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"The rack turned out great! I used the template initially, but realized that I wouldn't be able to fit all 8 bikes in the length it would take at the 30 degree angle and 24 inch spacing that the template has. So I measured and drilled at about 19.5 inch spacing and angled the rack at about 45 degrees. It is still enough of an angle to keep the bikes from interfering with each other and was able to fit in my space really well. I see that as a big benefit to the at home kit, in that I was able to adjust it to fit my space perfectly. And the wide slots work fine with my 2.4 inch tires, I don't feel like they are too loose, so I'm happy with that suggestion too."
Daniel Mora
Sonoma, CA
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“We’re very excited to make this contribution to SRTS and Prestwood Elementary. We all have fond memories of riding our bikes to school and the freedom bicycles gave us. We would like to thank Peak Racks and The Sonoma County Bike Coalition for supporting cycling in our community.”
Gina Krogh
San Luis Obispo, CA
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“Thanks to Peak Racks, I now ride my bike to school every day and get to class on time.”
Peggy Mandeville
San Luis Obispo, CA
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“You can fit more bikes in less space.”
How to Get Started Cool Commuting
San Jose, CA
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“There are also a few small steps the employer can take to make biking to work convenient and desirable. First, is to install new bike racks. Peak Racks offers a program to get free racks for communities and universities…”
Landscapers Resource
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“These bicycle racks are great for high density parking. The angled and single slot double sided bike racks also work great to fill in tight areas like next to building or inside a garage or metal building.”
SLO County Bicycle Coalition
San Luis Obispo, CA
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“A huge thanks goes out from the Bike Valet Crew to Peak Racks Owner, Rod Hoadley, who donated five new racks for our use!”
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“Specifically designed for space efficiency, Peak Racks Campus Racks feature One Side Loading with a Vertical Stagger to eliminate handle bar tangles. The vertical stagger also allows each slot in the rack to be used simultaneously. Peak Racks bike racks offer superior security by using Individual Locking Bars, which allow the frame and wheel of each bike to be individually locked with a U-lock, or cable lock.”

Finally, a Bike Rack as Unique as You.

With our patent pending design, Peak Racks BYO will give you the layout and configuration that fits your space and the bikes that park there. Bikes on one side or both. Straight or angled racks. Long narrow rows or compact blocks of bikes. Because when your bikes fit right, your space works right.

What Makes Our Racks Rock?

Free Standing and Sturdy

Non-slip pads allow placement inside without bolting into place. Your BYO rack stays where you put it... until you put it somewhere else!

Optional Vertical Riser

The BYO Slot Riser optional accessory increases space-efficiency and lets you rack bikes closer than ever before. The resulting vertical stagger prevents handlebar tangles.

A Diamond for Every Size

Our patent pending diamond wheel holder firmly holds a wide range of tire sizes. Secure, no-tweak support keeps wheel aligned and supported, front to back.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's our goal to make building the perfect bike rack as easy as possible for our customers. To help answer your questions upfront, here are some of our most asked questions about the Peak Racks BYO rack. Not finding what you are looking for? Let us know and a representative will get back to you personally.

We use the term “Wall Space” when determining how much space a rack requires but the racks do not have to be placed against a wall. See Peak Racks Standard Design Table (PDF) for details of our standard design recommendations, but here is a rule of thumb:

  • Straight Racks with all bikes parked forward will accommodate on average 1 bike for every 18 inches of wall space. Bikes will stick out from the wall about 6 feet.
  • Angled Racks with all bikes parked at 30 degrees will accommodate on average 1 bike for every 30 inches of wall space. Bikes will stick out from the wall about 3 feet.


Want more exact calculations?
Visit the BYO Custom Calculator

The sidewall of the tire should have the information but sometimes it is confusing because there are a few different identifying systems. Some are metric and some are English units. See for tire size info or measure the width the best you can.

Yes you could, but ideally you don’t want the tire to touch the lumber when the bike is in the slot. Try to keep 15-16 inches between boards when bolting the slots. Also you should try to keep the tire off the ground. Ideally you would want to space the slot 1 or more inches off the ground.

Yes, the slots are lightweight and a complete rack can be easily moved. Racks can be stowed in narrow places by just loosening the screws and bringing the wood bases together.

Most likely yes. Max tire width is 3.1 inches. Many commuter E-bikes use tires less than 2.4 inches wide.

Yes! That is one of the objectives of the Peak Racks BYO….get the kids involved and let them make decisions, do the work, and make mistakes. It doesn’t have to be perfect. They can customize it and take ownership.

BYO Home Bicycle Rack

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Peak Racks BYO
Build Your Own Bike Rack

$39.95 per slot

From a simple, bare bones, quickie assembly to a customized art installation, you’ll create what’s right for you, your space, and your trusty ride.

  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Built to last using 95% recycled domestic steel
  • No fuss finish
  • Sturdy construction lets you reconfigure your custom system again and again as your needs or spaces change
  • Requires: Two (2) 2″ x 4″ Wood Boards—Measured, Cut, & Painted According to YOUR Design. Need a plan?
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Optional Accessories »

Locking Bar

$32.00 – Each Locking Bar Serves TWO Slots

Loading component ...

Slot Risers

$14.95 – Each Set of Risers Lifts ONE Slot

Loading component ...

We’d love to see what you create and how it changes the space you use it in. Your BYO could inspire other bike lovers to give their bikes a place to call home. Find us on Facebook and Instagram

Live in SLO? Select "Local Pickup" and use Coupon Code SLOCALBYO for $10 off each BYO slot in your order.
* Limited time offer. Must pick up Tues, Wed, or Thurs 10am-6pm at our SLO facility.