Rack Information

Peak Racks are built with two things in mind: the riders who use them and the places they’re installed. Our patented features were designed to maximize space and minimize hassles. So you get neat, tidy parking areas that accommodate lots of bikes in racks that are a pleasure to use.

Peak Bicycle Racks

Special Features

Locking Bar

Each of our campus racks come with unique bars extending to the user; these lock bars allow for quick and easy locking of your frame and tire, whereas other racks have you bend over a mess of bikes.

Vertical Stagger

Unlike other racks, our campus racks stagger the heights of bike slots so handlebars don’t tangle together. This lets you fit more bikes in less space more for a lower price.

Single-Sided Rack - Vertical Stagger

The Locking Bar

The locking bar is precisely located so that the bicycle wheel, the frame and the locking bar meet for easy and secure locking.

Vertical Stagger

Peak Racks incorporates a vertically staggered design that offsets every other bicycle to eliminate handle bar tangles and achieve tight density parking.

This design makes Peak Racks the most functional and space efficient bike parking racks available, as bikes can be easily inserted into an empty space between two bicycles.

Quick & Easy Install

Peak Racks are self-standing and do not have to be attached or secured to the ground.

Peak Racks are surface mount and can be added at any time.

For more secure and orderly parking, racks should be bolted down with our easy to install fasteners.

Special tamper-proof fasteners are available in addition to our standard mounting hardware.

Angled Bike Racks - Installation - Back to Back Parallel
1-Slot Single-Sided Rack


Peak Racks designed for one side loading allow racks to be placed up against an existing structure for incredible space reduction and clear pedestrian access, therefore increasing parking capacity while reducing pedestrian hazards.

The well designed wheel holder safely and securely supports a front or rear tire of any type of bicycle without jeopardizing wheel structure.

The wheel holder contacts and supports the tire in three places which encompass one half of the wheel’s circumference and keeps the frame from contacting the rack, eliminating any risk of damage, even to rear derailleurs.

Rack Prices

*All shipping is calculated per order to give you the lowest prices and quickest delivery possible.

(Galvanized Only, Hardware Included)


All of our hardware is 3/8″ in diameter and comes with all required washers and spacers as well as detailed installation instructions. Shipping is calculated per order to give you the lowest prices and quickest delivery possible.

DG/Asphalt Spikes

Self-Tapping Bolt

Tamper-Proof Tension Bolt

Display your bikes and your style.

You can’t design simple solutions without understanding complex challenges. Bike love is real and lasting and we understand that.

Simplified form. Sophisticated function. Unmatched durability.

We don't just like bikes. We like people. We like our country. We like our earth. We like hard work, big smiles, and making our customers happy.​

Step-By-Step Bike Rack Installation Detail

Installation Services

Peak Racks offers a professional installation service to optimize space and assure high quality. With over 500 installations, we guarantee your rack will fit securely, evenly, and with full awareness to nearby structures. We pay close attention to the placement of the rack to ensure it will function to its highest potential and use the least amount of space. Peak Racks installation service is limited to specific regions, please call today to find out if your installation need is within our reach.

Fast Facts about Peak Racks

  • Our installers are trained for safe, high quality installations.
  • Equipped with special tools for securing tamper-resistant stainless steel bolts.
  • Hundreds of bike racks at college campuses that incorporate pedestrian access and safety while achieving the highest parking density possible.